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I use the theralink system, which is completely encrypted and therefore an excellent resource for confidential communications.

Sessions for Children (under 16) ($60)

These sessions are 60 minutes in length, and I will generally use our first session to get to know your child and to earn their trust. When working with children my sessions are very much tailored to the unique needs of each individual, and I will obtain the necessary background information from the parents. No Consultation or intake is required for children.

Intake Session ($75)

This is generally a 90 minute session designed for me to get to know a lot more about your background. It feels like a lengthy interview, and that’s probably a good way to summarize it. This session is mandatory before any traditional therapy sessions are done because there is so much valuable information to be obtained from taking a detailed medical, psychological, functional and familial history. Having all of this information means that I can create a program of therapy that is well suited to you.

Initial Consultation ($50)

During this 30 minute session you can let me know about your presenting issues, and also decide whether I may be a fit for your needs.

Couple Sessions ($125)

These sessions are 90 minutes, and will take place once I have had a consultation with both members of the couple. Content varies according to the needs of each partner.

Therapy Sessions ($100)

These sessions are 60 minutes in length, and will vary in content from client to client.

Theralink Setup Trial (Free)

This session is designed to make sure that everything is good as far as the technology goes. Generally I set up this session as a precursor to our initial consultation, just so you can rest assured that any time we spend getting glitches out of the technology is not time that you are paying for.

Couple consultation ($100)

Are done with both members present, and we will spend approximately 45 minutes on gathering information about each individual.