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Talking about our problems isn’t always an easy thing. Many are told that ‘just talking’ won’t be a helpful way to address any of the concerns we have in our lives. It isn’t until someone wholeheartedly gives counseling a try that they realize the profound and life-altering effects that it can have.
Many of us are unaware of the vast map of connections that exists within our minds and bodies. People are complicated. Problems in one area of our lives have vast potential to affect many other aspects, often in unexpected ways. Dealing with our emotional problems in an open, honest and respectful way is a key factor to solving problems in our personal lives, professional lives and in any kind of relationships we seek.
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The kind of therapy that I provide for my clients is a mixture of techniques and philosophies. I like to use active techniques, cognitive restructuring and most of all: open, honest dialogue. In addition to being a certified psychotherapist, I am also a biologist. My training and work with animals has had a profound impact on how I view the world, people, and our myriad of connections. I think that being open to varying perspectives is a key factor to success in life, and certainly in therapy.


My online therapy business enables me to connect with people in their own comfort zones, and on their own time frames. I keep a fairly small number of clients, as I prefer to do ongoing, detailed work with them to having many clients for just 1 or 2 sessions. In addition to my online work I am a therapist at a local first-stage treatment center for men and women seeking recovery from addiction.
I use a completely safe and protected online conferencing system that is compliant with confidentiality laws in both Canada in the United States. This allows us to know that whatever we talk about is just between us.


Why not schedule a trial session to see if we are a fit. Your journey towards a healthier, happier existence begins with reaching out to those that can provide you with the help you need. I offer a 30-minute initial session, during which we can explore some of your primary reasons for seeking therapy. Should you decide to continue on with me, I will then schedule a 1 hour intake session. Intakes can either be added to your mini-session or scheduled for another time.
Once we have completed these initial sessions I will draw up a treatment plan for you that I think is appropriate to address your needs. This way we can make the best possible progress towards your overall goals. As I get to know you better along the way, I will gain a better feel for the kind of therapy that will be most effective for you. I have found the use of various techniques to be a highly individual phenomenon – people respond in diverse ways to therapeutic work, and as we move forward with your program we will uncover what resonates most with you.


I deal with diverse personal issues including (but not limited to)


Either heavy use or outright addiction, I can help you determine what’s happening with you here.

General Depression

From mild to severe (with severe cases a doctor’s opinion may be required)


Couples, families and individuals

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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